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It's been awhile since we posted on our blog and we are sincerely sorry about that. We are working to make sure this blog runs smoothly hence forth and that we consistently update you on new design trends and inspiration, new products + exclusive deals! In the meantime permit us to do a reintroduction on who we are and what Yuliinterior is about.
More coming soon!
Recent posts

Room Goals!!!

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall!!!

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall......" We all know the rest. 😃
Mirrors are great accessories for any space because they can make a room look bigger and brighter. They help create amazing patterns when placed in strategic places where they can bounce off lights and reflection.
Here are some tips when choosing mirrors for your space.
Oh! Lest we forget we have some amazing wall mirror collection coming soon. You won't want to miss this.

Vintage Is The New It...

Here is the thing. You want unique pieces for your display shelves right? You check your budget, and see the very unappealing limitation of your finances not been able to accommodate new items.
Our advice, go vintage?
There are cool, unique one of a kind pieces out there, search for them, look for bargains, purchase and create the perfect ambiance without having to break the bank. For us here, we love pieces such as this Lareaux figurines. Its inexpensive, yet it creates a conversation and focal piece when displayed on floating shelves and much more.