Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall!!!

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall......" We all know the rest. πŸ˜ƒ
Mirrors are great accessories for any space because they can make a room look bigger and brighter. They help create amazing patterns when placed in strategic places where they can bounce off lights and reflection.
Here are some tips when choosing mirrors for your space.
Oh! Lest we forget we have some amazing wall mirror collection coming soon. You won't want to miss this.

Vintage Is The New It...

Here is the thing. You want unique pieces for your display shelves right? You check your budget, and see the very unappealing limitation of your finances not been able to accommodate new items.
Our advice, go vintage?
There are cool, unique one of a kind pieces out there, search for them, look for bargains, purchase and create the perfect ambiance without having to break the bank. For us here, we love pieces such as this Lareaux figurines. Its inexpensive, yet it creates a conversation and focal piece when displayed on floating shelves and much more.

Village Chronicles:: Two Boys Plus Two Girls Equals Two Bunk Beds, The Perfect Fit

Everyone knows what happens at the end of the year in a typical Nigerian family. In case you don't, here it is. There is usually a large migration of families from the urban areas to the rural areas. The Village as it is locally called.

Now, given the fact that families move as a group, there is always the challenge of accommodating children in the family rooms. Why? Space is limited.

That's where this beautiful bunk bed comes in. The challenge was accommodating four kids in one standard room with no wardrobes. We had to create these bunk beds to meet the needs of this particular family and oh! did we nail it. The kids loved it, parents loved it, design challenge fixed and most of all a very satisfying experience for us.

New Year Goals :: It's All About The Experience

Happy New Year! It has been awhile since we updated our blog. Sorry about that. We intend to fully invest in giving unique, up to date design solutions this year. For us this year, its all about the experience. Follow and subscribe and you will be glad you did.😁😍

Create a Gallery Wall in Your Home

A Canvas of BeigeI opened the door to our apartment located in a secure and upscale part of Lagos for the first time since we finished payment. It was a two bedroom apartment in an old building. After the arrival of our daughter, we needed more space than our one bedroom apartment could afford. This was the best we could get with the resources we had.
The new landlord promised to refurbish the place by painting the walls and adding new light fixtures. Anticipation was killing me; I just couldn’t wait to see what the place looked like now.
Walking in, my initial excitement turned into a huge Hmmm. It was all beige, the walls that is. He painted the living room walls all beige. No mix, no trim, no crown moulding. My heart dropped and my disappointment was palpable.
What will I do with a Beige wall? I complained to my husband. He looked at me like I was out of my mind.
“What’s wrong with it? He asked. The look I gave him, made him sigh and walk away. My hubby was not a dΓ©cor person. He coul…