Create a Gallery Wall in Your Home

A Canvas of Beige

I opened the door to our apartment located in a secure and upscale part of Lagos for the first time since we finished payment. It was a two bedroom apartment in an old building. After the arrival of our daughter, we needed more space than our one bedroom apartment could afford. This was the best we could get with the resources we had.

The new landlord promised to refurbish the place by painting the walls and adding new light fixtures. Anticipation was killing me; I just couldn’t wait to see what the place looked like now.

Walking in, my initial excitement turned into a huge Hmmm. It was all beige, the walls that is. He painted the living room walls all beige. No mix, no trim, no crown moulding. My heart dropped and my disappointment was palpable.

What will I do with a Beige wall? I complained to my husband. He looked at me like I was out of my mind.

“What’s wrong with it? He asked. The look I gave him, made him sigh and walk away. My hubby was not a décor person. He could stay in a room painted black and not care. I was the total opposite. I cared.

All our savings we used to secure this apartment. Bringing depth and more colour to the space was going to cost me money we did not have. And I love colour.

I am a Millennial; colour is what makes a place pop.

Repainting was something we could not afford to do. With a new baby, the inconvenience of moving stuff, cleaning and much more; Nope, I won’t do that. Plus, Mr. Hubby wouldn’t hear of it. I sighed heavily again. Why didn’t the Landlord ask me if I had a particular colour preference?

Walking in, I decided I will have to make do, until I come up with a plan. The next few days was hectic, however, I made out time to research what I could do with this all so Beige wall and finally stuck on the inspiration to create picture gallery to create some sort of focal point in my living room.

I just could not afford to have my family and friends come over and not be wowed by my new place. I wanted to be wowed as well whenever I walk in.
With the financial limitation we were currently facing, I have got to make do. Once its end of the month and I receive my salary, I will start work on my project.

Hmmm. I can do this. I thought to myself. Maybe the landlord did me a favour after all.  Always loved interior décor, I can make this apartment what I want it to be, starting with the walls.

With a 9 to 5 job, a new baby there was no time to physically go and scour through shops for the frames for my project? I decided to go online.

Day one, I almost gave up. Never knew wall frames were this expensive. Even when I see what I loved, I could not get it in small sizes. No provision for custom sizes.
Three nights in, I almost gave up until I accidentally stumbled on a new company coming up in the interior décor pieces and accessories market space. Placed my orders and patiently waited for delivery day.

Finally, the frames arrived and on opening them, it was more than I expected. With excitement, I rushed to where my hubby was and showed him the frames. I practically dragged him from his sitting position to the wall I wanted to create my gallery on.He looked at me and realized that I will not let him be until he assists me. Reluctantly, he dropped what he was reading and said,“Where do I start?”                                                                            

I shrieked in delight, gave him an affectionate peck on his cheeks and started explaining what I wanted to achieve. About two hours later we were done and it looked amazing, in my amateur opinion that is.

Want to see how it came out? Look below.

Love, like or hate, please let me know with your comments.

Guess this means I am now an amateur interior designer and I have discovered the perfect place to get my stuff at really affordable prices.

Did you notice that, I who wanted colour did a monochrome gallery wall? Oh well. That’s because I have plans for my dining room walls as well. I will tell you all about it in my next post.


Gallery Wall by Yuli Interior


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